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Tractor Trailer and Auto Accident Lawyers


We Are Here For Tractor Trailer, Car and Truck Accident Victims In Georgia


Automobile Injuries



Each year, irresponsible drivers cause car accidents. Car accidents can cause severe physical injuries, disabilities, and even death. Victims of these car accidents must deal with large medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation expenses, and pain and suffering. Family members also suffer economic, emotional, and physical hardships.


For these reasons, Georgia law requires drivers to have at least $25,000 in liability coverage. However, many people have substantially larger amounts of liability coverage and sometimes other insurance can cover your accident, as well. In order for you to receive the compensation you deserve, it is necessary to uncover all the applicable coverage and it is important that you consult a competent accident/injury attorney who knows how to find all the coverage you may be entitled to.


At the Sullivan Law Firm, our attorneys understand the devastating effect an accident can have on your life and are committed to aggressively representing you in your fight to be fully compensated.


Truck and Trailer Accidents

tractor trailer accident representation


Accidents involving large trucks and trailers have increased approximately twenty (20) percent over the last decade, and although trucking accidents are responsible for less than five (5) percent of injuries and/or deaths from automobile accidents, the damages in trucking accidents are often catastrophic.


The cause of these trucking accidents can be the driver, the owner of the truck, the company who leases the truck, the manufacturer of the truck, or even the shipper.


Georgia has its own specific trucking laws. However, there are also federal laws and agencies that regulate the trucking industry, such as FMCSA, and the USDOT.


Accordingly, determining who is responsible for a trucking accident and getting compensated for your injuries can be very complicated, so it is important that you seek prompt legal representation. The Sullivan Law Firm has been representing truck and trailer accident victims for almost twenty (20) years, and we are committed to aggressively representing you in your fight to be fully compensated.


Bus Accidents



Whether you were a passenger on a bus, a pedestrian, or in a motor vehicle involved in a collision with a bus, bus accidents usually cause severe injuries.  As a “common carrier” a commercial operator owes a heightened duty of care to their passengers.  In certain circumstances, the government is the entity operating the bus and may be protected by “sovereign immunity” and the statute of limitations to file your claim may be as short as six (6) months.


Since bus accident cases pose so many issues, it is necessary for you to be represented by a competent bus accident attorney.  The Sullivan Law Firm has been representing bus accident victims for over twenty (20) years, and we are committed to aggressively representing you in your fight to be fully compensated.


DUI Accidents

Auto Accident Attorney


In 2010, there were 298 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in Georgia. Statistics show that injuries sustained by those involved in DUI accidents are worse than non-DUI accidents because DUI accidents usually involve excessive speed or erratic driving.


Accordingly, Georgia law imposes criminal charges as well as potential civil penalties upon those who operate a vehicle DUI. In addition to these charges, punitive damages may be awarded against an individual operating a vehicle “DUI” and in favor of the accident victim as a punishment and a future deterrent. DUI accident cases tend to be more complex than regular accident cases, so it is important that you seek prompt legal representation. The Sullivan Law Firm has been representing DUI accident victims for almost twenty (20) years, and we have procured outstanding results for our clients.


Motorcycle Accidentsmotorcycle-accident


Motorcycle accidents, like automobile accidents, happen everyday in Georgia. However, the percentage of serious injury and/or death in motorcycle accidents is severely increased due to the lack of protection for motorcycle operators.


There are approximately 3,000 motorcycle accidents a year in Georgia and an average of 1/20 motorcycle accidents cause death. Insurance companies will typically contact a motorcycle accident victim soon after the accident in order to settle their claim even before their injuries have been diagnosed, so it is important that you seek prompt legal representation. The Sullivan Law Firm has been representing motorcycle accident victims for over twenty (20) years, and we are committed to aggressively representing you in your fight to be fully compensated.


Bicycle Accidents


Bicbicycle-accidentycles are considered vehicles under Georgia law. However, operators of motor vehicles view cyclists as an obstacle rather than a fellow vehicle.   The Georgia Department of Transportation formed a bicycle and pedestrian task force in December 2006 to develop safer roads for cyclists and pedestrians. Despite this initiative, bicycle accidents are still a leading cause of many of the injuries and deaths on our roads.


Insurance companies also adjust bicycle accident claims that have been involved in an accident with an automobile, for a lesser value than automobile accident claims, so it is important that you seek prompt legal representation.  The Sullivan Law Firm has been representing bicycle accident victims for nearly twenty (20) years, and we are committed to aggressively representing you in your fight to be fully compensated.


Pedestrian Accidents


According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, every two (2) hours, one (1) pedestrian will die from injuries sustained in a traffic crash. Pedestrians of all ages are at risk, but people aged ten (10) to twenty-one (21) are most susceptible to being injured, because the highest number of pedestrian injuries and deaths occur in the hour right after school lets out.


Pedestrian accidents occur in crosswalks, sidewalks, parking lots, and other areas where pedestrians have the right-of-way. However, many insurance companies will attempt to shift some responsibility for the accident to the pedestrian, because they know that a pedestrian accident case is hard to prove.  Pedestrian accident cases are very complex.  As such, it is important that you seek prompt legal representation.  The Sullivan Law Firm has been representing pedestrian and bicycle accident victims for almost twenty (20) years, and we are committed to aggressively representing you in your fight to be fully compensated.


Your Top Choice For Auto Accident & Injury Representation

Car Accident Victims in Statesboro, GA


Being involved in a serious automobile accident is be a difficult and very traumatic experience. The Sullivan Law Firm personal injury attorneys are here to assist you.  We handle cases all throughout Georgia as well as South Carolina. Whether the auto accident was a catastrophic collision or fender-bender, our auto accident lawyers are here to provide guidance, answers and assistance at a time when you really need it the most.


If you or someone you love has been in an automobile accident, or if you happen to have any questions, call the Sullivan Law Firm today at (912) 489-8888 for a free consultation with our auto accident attorneys in Statesboro, GA.



How We Will Fight On Behalf Of Our Car Crash Victims


The Sullivan Law Firm has extensive experience with auto accidents and personal injury from Atlanta to Savannah Georgia. When it comes to auto accident litigation, our lawyers have the experience to get you the result you deserve. Georgia’s residents have placed their trust in the Sullivan Law Firm because they have obtained large jury trial verdicts for our clients from the Atlanta area all through middle Georgia and Savannah, and down to the southern most counties: Insurance companies know us and our track record, therefore most cases settle without having to go to court.




Our personal injury firm in Statesboro, GA will represent you with a combination of work ethic and courtroom experience that will get the best possible results for you. The Sullivan Law Firm is an extremely successful personal injury law firm, with many millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts throughout the years.


Head On Collisions



Whiplash From a Auto Accident in GeorgiaOur accident attorneys are experienced in these types of cases and have witnessed  the damages and devastation that can be wrought by a head-on collision for an injury victim as well as his or her family.


The U.S. Census Bureau reports that head-on collisions are some of the most deadly and dangerous of all automobile accidents. The injuries resulting from these kinds of accidents frequently result in death or lasting disability for their victims.



Reckless Driving

In 2010 Georgia created the Reckless driving code 40-6-390 which states that a person who drives any type of vehicle in a reckless manner or with disregard for the safety of others or their property is in violation of the law. Reckless driving convictions can carry a hefty fine and possible imprisonment. If you feel you have been a victim of a possible reckless driver contact our auto injury attorneys today.



High Speed Collisions In Statesboro, Georgia

car crash 04_300


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2013 high-speed collisions were a part of approximately 30% of fatal crashes. In a high-speed collision, an automobile undergoes such extreme force that its structure is unable to protect its passengers from becoming seriously injured or killed.


Whenever you speed:

  • The distance that you travel after you see an emergency and react to it increases.
  • The distances needed for stopping a vehicle increases.
  • As speed increases a crash’s severity increases.
  • When there is speeding involved, a seat belt and airbag are less effective.


When a high-speed auto accident takes place, the emotional and physical recovery that the innocent survivors must go through can be incredibly expensive and terribly painful.


Texting While Driving Is Dangerous And Sometimes Fatal


Although we are all very aware of how dangerous it is to text while driving, texting has emerged as among the most dangerous of all distractions for the drivers in our nation. There have been many fatal accidents across the country that have involved text messaging.


A State Farm study released in late 2012 found that among drivers age 18 to 29, almost half (48 percent) accessed the Internet on a cellphone while driving. One-third of those drivers (36 percent) read social media networks while driving. Almost half of those drivers (43 percent) checked their email while driving.


In 2013, a study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute found that driver response times were significantly delayed when texting with both methods [manually texting and voice activated texting], taking drivers about twice as long to react as when not texting.


In 2010, Georgia passed OCGA 40-6-241.2 which made texting while driving illegal in the state of Georgia. So it’s not just dangerous, it’s now also illegal. If you are involved in an accident where texting may be the cause, it’s important that you speak with us right away in order to possibly obtain phone records which may help in providing necessary evidence for the case.


So stop texting while you are driving now!


GA Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers


When it comes to drunk driving, people need to understand that it is actually a choice. We all are very aware of the risks that drinking and driving involves.


Auto Accident AttorneyHowever, too many individuals end up taking that chance anyway. Tragically on our country’s roads today, drunk driving is among the leading causes of death and injuries.


Whenever a driver makes the decision to break the law and drive an automobile after drinking, they have made the decision to gamble with other people’s lives.


Drunk driving automobile accidents frequently result whenever a driver rear-ends another car, makes the wrong turn ahead of oncoming traffic, drives too slowly or speeds. In some cases, the individual who supplied the alcohol might also be found negligent.


A drunk driving accident victim is frequently left with emotional trauma that is overwhelming, in addition to personal injuries that are expensive and often debilitating. Injuries may include anything from death or complete paralysis down to minor scratches.


Side Impact Collisions


These are very common and serious accidents. Approximately 8,500 people die per year from side impact collisions.


A side impact collision takes place whenever the front part of an oncoming car strikes the side of your car. It is also referred to as being “t-boned”. A majority of those incidents take place at intersections and are the result of a driver failing to yield at a red light or stop sign.


How serious a side impact collision is will depend on several different factors, including the weight and speed of the oncoming car, and where the oncoming car collides with your automobile.


Fatalities caused by side impact collisions may be reduced if a car has side airbags installed. It is very important for you to understand that children who are younger than 12 years old should not ride in a car’s front seat. When an airbag deploys, the force of the the airbag deployment can cause serious injury and even death to a child, no matter how severe the impact is.


Asleep at the Wheel Accidents


It is unfortunately common for a driver to fall asleep at the wheel – especially along the long and “boring” highways in rural Georgia, such as Interstate 16. Sleepy drivers are involved in almost four percent of nationwide deadly crashes, and hundreds of more people are injured each year from drivers falling asleep at the wheel.


Accidents involving fatigued drivers are preventable. However some drivers make the decision to drive when they are tired, putting other motorists at risk.


One major concern is regarding the large tractor trailer truck drivers since they often drive when they are fatigued. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation has fortunately implemented rules that limit the number of hours that a truck driver is allowed to be on the road. It is estimated by the FMCSA that the new rule may save as many as 75 lives as well as prevent up to 1,326 accidents every year that are a result of the driver being asleep at the wheel.



Rollover Car Accidents


Drinking and Driving Car Accident in StatesboroIf a family member of yours has been injured or killed due to an automobile rollover accident, the accident may have been caused by either the vehicle or tires.


In order to prove that there was a tire defect or a vehicle manufacturing or design defect, it is important to have the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer who has worked on this type of case. At the Sullivan Law Firm we handle all types of motor vehicle accidents every day.  Its all we do.  We don’t take cases involving any other areas of practice because we concentrate our energy and attention and expertise on accident injury cases only.


You must retain a competent and experienced auto accident attorney to represent you in your case!


In many situations there may be a time limit on how long you can wait before filing a claim for any damage and injuries you have suffered. The Sullivan Law Firm specializes in this area of the law and is your best chance for obtaining a fair settlement or victory in court.


Call us today for a free no-obligation case evaluation to see what your case may be worth.