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Product Liability Attorneys

Product Liability Cases


When a product injures someone because of inadequate warnings, design defects, or manufacturing defects, the manufacturer of the product, and in some cases, the distributor or retailer of the product, may be liable. Manufacturers are sometimes held accountable for defective products. Broken Chain on a swing Product Liability


However, product liability cases are one of the most complex, if not the most complex, legal actions a plaintiff may engage in, so it is important that you seek prompt legal representation.


The Sullivan Law Firm has successfully represented many individuals injured by defective products for many years, and we know what it takes to get the best result for our clients.


We have the financial resources and the experienced staff fro handling these couples cases and as a result of our years of experience litigating defective and dangerous product claims on behalf of clients, we have achieved a reputation as being a very successful product liability practice.


Examples Product Liability


Products Defectively Manufactured

  • playground swing with a cracked chain
  • tainted batch of medication containing a poisonous substance
  • scooter missing its brake pads.


Products That Are Defectively Designed

  • specific model of car that has a tendency to flip over while cornering
  • sunglasses that fail to protect the eyes from UV rays
  • electric blanket that can shock the user when in use


Inadequately Provided Warnings or Instructions

  • electric tea kettle that is packaged without sufficient warning concerning its oddly positioned steam valve
  • medication that does not include on its label a warning that it may cause dangerous side effects or drowsynes if taken in combination with another commonly taken drug such as aspirin
  • corrosive paint-removing chemical that is sold with inadequate instructions for safe usage or handling


Improper Labeling On MedicationAmong Our Product Liability Key Strengths:


Coordination of mass tort matters – We have been the go-to attorneys for mass tort cases, involving personal injury and product liability claims. Our attorneys have been engaged in litigating claims related to hip implants, and trans-vaginal mesh.


Development of expert and factual testimony – the products liability skills we bring to the table span the areas of regulatory, scientific and other subject matters. Our talent for strategy development has resulted in an impressive list of accomplishments. We never shy away from thorny technical and medical questions and understand how best to cultivate the expert witnesses so pivotal to success for our clients.


defective air bag liability lawsuit

Head Injuries and cognitive deficiency cases – The Sullivan Law Firm has successfully handled cases involving post-concussion syndrome and “Contre Coup” type head injuries involving cognitive deficiency and we have worked with experts in Georgia to effectively develop and present these type of intimate cases and the related damages. A “Contre Coup” injury is when a person gets hit on the forehead causing a brain injury on the opposite site of the head. In many cases, so-called “experts” will tell you that there has to have been a loss of consciousness for a viable case to proceed. But this is not always the true. Please be sure to speak with us if you feel that this may apply to your case.


If you believe that you might have a product liability case, please don’t hesitate to contact our office right away for a free case evaluation on the compensation that you may be entitled to receive.