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Premises Liability Attorneys

Premises Liability Attorneys in Statesboro, GA


Liability of a missing manhole coverA premises liability claim can involve many different claims such as trip and falls, slip and falls, criminal attacks, and false imprisonment. Generally, owners and occupiers of premises have a heightend duty to protect persons on their property.  However, the extent of their duty depends on the status of the individual on their property as an invitee, licensee, or trespasser.


Determining the status of an injured party on someone’s property is only the initial step in determining liability in a premises liability case, so it is important that you seek prompt legal representation. The Sullivan Law Firm has been representing individuals with premises liability claims for almost twenty (20) years, and we are committed to aggressively representing you in your fight to be fully compensated.


Property Liability


A Georgia property owner is responsible for his property and making sure that it is risk free. If that responsibility has not been met and you sustain an injury, a lawsuit may be filed on your behalf. Our Georgia premises liability lawyers can assist you in pursuing compensation for any injuries you might have received while on someone else’s property.


Regardless of where you were injured, whether it was a private home, an office, public areas such as shopping malls, department stores, parks, movie theater, parking lot, restaurant, beauty salon etc., seek out a qualified Statesboro personal injury lawyer who can help you understand what your rights are according to Georgia law.


If you, a friend or loved one has suffered serious or minor injuries due to a premises liability incident and you are interested in a free case evaluation then please take a moment and complete the initial case review form to the right.


There is a time limit imposed by Georgia law in which a premises liability suit can be filed in a certain amount of time after the incident occurred, so get in touch with us as fast as you possibly can. Time is of the essence.


How Can a Statesboro Premises Liability Lawyer be of Assistance?


Our Statesboro premises liability lawyers can assist you by evaluating the details of your incident and making an intelligent determination as to whether or not your claim is viable. Here are a few things your lawyer will be able to do for you while managing your case:

  • Photographs, surveillance footage, evidence in general can be collected for review of your incident.
  • Meet with eyewitnesses.
  • Ascertain who is responsible for the injuries you have suffered.
  • Have access to any incedent reports that may have been filed.
  • Further understand the gravity of your injuries through access to any relevant medical records.


Premises Liability Case Components In Georgia


It is a property owner’s responsibility to make sure that their property is safe and does not have hazardous conditions. The manager of a property, a tenant or any contractor laboring on the property could be held responsible for a dangerous environment if:

  • If You have suffered injuries and want to file a premises liability claim you have to prove these four points:
  • The property had a hazardous condition.
  • The property owner and or occupier had superior knowledge of the situation or through proper property care should have been aware of the situation.
  • The owner of the property and or its occupier should have issued a warning or removed the hazardous condition.
  • The hazardous environment did in fact bring about your injuries.


Inadequate Warnings Liability Lawsuit

Most premises liability claims in Statesboro are filed against store owners and companies due to incidents which occur in malls and stores. A store owner or business can be held responsible for accidents provoked by walkways being blocked, slippery floors, parking lots that are not properly maintained and uneven walkways in their stores or malls.


Children and a Premise Incident


Quite often children are drawn to hazardous situations like a dangerous trampoline, a pool left unattended, etc. and this is something that is recognized by Georgia law. Due to the above mentioned requirements, the law demands that property owners maintain their properties free of such hazards which could be potentially dangerous for trespassing youngsters.


The “Doctrine of Attractive Nuisance” makes a property owner responsible for a child’s injury if the following conditions exist:

  • The property owner is aware or should be aware that children trespassing could be a possibility.
  • The property owner is aware or should be aware that there are hazards which could cause injuries and even fatalities to trespassing children.
  • The trespassing child was not aware of the hazardous conditions or due to their young age did not understand the danger that could ensue.
  • Fixing the dangerous situation is a small task when compared to the damage it could cause.
  • The property owner did not use logical judgment in changing the dangerous situation.


This is not applicable to children who are guests on the owner’s property; this is only applicable if the child trespassed. It is generally easier proving responsibility when the child who was injured was a guest on the owner’s property that contained the hazardous condition. Slipping on Ice Can be a liability lawsuit


Various Premises Liability Lawsuits


Our lawyers have experience in various kinds of premises liability lawsuits, such as:

  • Injuries due to falling objects
  • Injuries due to toxic material and dangerous chemicals which include but are not limited to lead and mold
  • Slip and falls
  • Accidents occurring on escalators and elevators.
  • Defects in a buildings structure
  • Swimming pools that are not properly guarded.
  • A visitor not being warned about a dangerous situation
  • Insufficient security
  • Dog bites
  • Insufficient maintenance
  • Stairs and railings that are defective
  • Collapsed balconies and or decks
  • Violent or criminal acts which cause injury
  • Accidents provoked by slippery surfaces, unnoticeable steps and uneven ground
  • Injuries occurring on a stair case due to such things as damaged hand railings or broken steps
  • Defective doors that can cause an injury or lock in


On top of the above mentioned scenarios, our personal injury lawyers are also experienced in handling claims involving negligent property conditions located on work sites. If this occurs, an employee who has been injured can seek compensation through Georgia’s workers compensation process.


If you, or someone you know, has suffered an injury due to a premise liability incident please call us immediately. We are here to assist you.